• Full set of lash extensions
    • (approximately 90 minutes) $99.00 +gst
  • Fill of existing extensions
    • (approximately 45 minutes) $ 53.00 +gst

Fill appointments are intended to replace naturally shed lash extensions two to three weeks after your initial full-set appointment. With regular fill appointments and conscientious care, you will rarely need to come in for a full-set to be reapplied.

Aftercare Instructions:

Paying careful attention to following all aftercare instructions will help maximize the life of your eyelash extensions.

  1. Do not curl, cut, rub, sleep on or pick at your new extensions.
  2. Do not shower, attend hot yoga or otherwise get your new extensions wet for 24 hours after your procedure.
  3. Avoid mascara and other cosmetic products or cleansers containing glycols, organic solvents, urea and alcohol.
  4. Visit your lash artist for touch ups every two to four weeks.