Ideally you will arrive at your appointment without eye make-up. However, if this is not possible, we will provide makeup removing wipes for you to use. Once you have checked in with our receptionist, one of our expert lash extension technicians will show you to your private treatment room. There, you will discuss what style of lash extensions will most compliment your facial features and lifestyle. Our lash technicians will design a plan that will both achieve the desired style and maximize the potential life of your lash extensions.

Your technician will then isolate your natural lashes in turn and adhere each individual lash extension to one of your natural eyelashes using our medical grade adhesive. For your comfort, special care and attention are paid to ensuring that no two natural eyelashes or eyelash extensions become tangled.

At the end of your procedure, your lash technician will dry your new lashes. Then you can go out and enjoy your new extensions!